Hi Kids… How you doin?

Hi Kids… How you doin?

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Landon is learning to talk at a very young age. He has just turned 5 months old and he is speaking short sentences already…. hehe… if you use a little imagination. In the beginning of the video, he says “Hi kids! …. how… how you doin?” Later, after his daddy asks “what do you want to say?” he replies, “I don’t know.”

Smartie pants. :)

the end of an era

Tonight, I went by Tower Records. I saw a HUGE “Going out of Business” sign, so decided to stop in. As I wandered around looking at books, knick knacks, DVDs, and of course different types of music media… (you know, records, CDs, MDs) I realized that it would probably be the last time I set foot in a Tower. I’ve spent a lot of time in different Towers and got nostalgic thinking about all the hours I previously spent browsing for new music, then started thinking how far we really have come. There had been so many times previously when I bought CDs, never having listened it, let alone a 30 second sample of the tracks, and been extremely disappointed. Then again, there were also those times when I found the CD that gave you, you know… *that* feeling – the feeling that can’t really be described in words when you find a piece of music you connect with… very Forrest Gump like. You truly didn’t know exactly what you were going to get.

Now that the digital music age is among us, there will soon be a day when you don’t buy CDs anymore. Music will be distributed only over the air or online where you can export to the storage of your choice. No more physical media, booklets…. (hell, it’s also happening to photos. When is the last time I printed a photo? Its been a long, long time.) — People use iTunes, YMJ, and MySpace to share music instead of making mixed tapes…

As I walked out of Tower, I turned around and took a good long last look and thought: It’s incredible to see how far we’ve come and wonder where we can take it from here…

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