Little Girl Giant

mood: tired
music: Décollage – Les Balayeurs Du Désert

Finally – something blog worthy. It’s been a while, but I thought this was definitely worth the time to archive. I’m sorta freaked out and mezmerized all at the same time. The song to me is amazing… Also a bit strange, but soothing… Click Little Girl Giant to see her in action.

** I’d randomly like to add, a special thanks to flickr users for tagging and posting the *right* stuff. trying to find an appropriate photo for this using image search… not a pretty sight.

One thought on “Little Girl Giant”

  1. Absolutely brilliant, both the street theater performance and the haunting music. This alone is worth a trip abroad. I say abroad because where I live (America) this thing would never happen between the hysterical dimwits inventing make-believe “dangers” and the hustling corporate pigs, something like this would never get off the ground because it would be outlawed or basterdized into something moronic. Perhaps replaced by a giant McDonalds hamburger float or a parade about some irritating and self righteous “concerned citizens” issue. Bravo, great work, that I can at least enjoy from afar.

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